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Tallahassee Hearing Aids at Audiology Associates of North Florida

Audiology Associates of North Florida was established in 1987 with the goal of providing high quality audiological care, hearing aids, hearing tests and hearing loss prevention to the people of North Florida. In 1994, Audiology Associates merged with Tallahassee Ear, Nose & Throat to ensure our patients not only received excellent hearing care, but medical care as well. In fact, we are the only audiology practice in Tallahassee with ear, nose, and throat physicians on site. Since then we've become one of this area's leading Tallahassee hearing aid resources.

Specializing in:

Tallahassee Hearing Aids

Hearing Tests, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Loss Care

Audiology Associates of North Florida is proud to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic Tallahassee hearing tests for patients with ear, hearing loss, dizziness and balance concerns. We also fit and service many brands of Tallahassee hearing aids and assistive listening technologies. Our audiologists hold Master's and/or Doctor of Audiology degrees, are licensed by the State of Florida, and are members of American Speech Language Association (www.asha.org) and American Academy of Audiology (www.howsyourhearing.org/). We are committed to ongoing education so that we might provide the latest solutions to your hearing and Tallahassee hearing loss healthcare needs. Please contact our office today to schedule a visit with an audiologist.

News & Events

Hearing Loops Make the Most of Hearing Aids You Already Own-Let's Loop Tallahassee!  

Juliette Sterkens, Au.D., national spokesperson for the Hearing Loss Association of America explains how hearing loops can help hearing aid wearers hear better in many settings. Watch this In the Spotlight interview that aired on WCTV.

WCTV Spotlight Video  Watch our video segment from WCTV News. Click here.

Tallahassee ENT and Audiology Associates have brought the Ponto Hearing System to our area. The Ponto Bone Anchored Hearing System is designed for patients with single sided deafness and patients with hearing loss due to outer or middle ear disorders who have not been helped by traditional hearing aids. The Ponto uses your body's natural ability to transfer sound through bone conduction. C… read more

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